Earth in Harmony


Join our heartwarming community of singers!

Our bodies and our earth are calling to come back into harmony, levels of isolation and division continue to rise, and community is needed more than ever.

Singing together, as an ancient form of ritual, is designed to bring us out of our heads and back into our hearts. For the purpose of connection, healing, joy, grief, and so much more, this ancient healing modality brings us so much, and yet it seems so simple. Isn't that often the way..

And we want You to join us..
Yes, you. Even, or should we say especially! if you “can’t sing”. In truth, Everybody can sing.. there is no 'us and them' here. This is a non-audition circle, and singing in tune is not even a requirement! Plus you'd be amazed what happens in a group setting, we all 'tune-in' to each other. Because after all,
Together is Better.

In its true, original form, singing is for EVERYONE.. (Just like dancing and praying)

Pheew! I'm done.

Kristina holds a safe space for us all to explore our voices, learn songs from many cultures, and play with harmonies, ...I am so looking forward to her next circle! 

~Joy  (Vancouver, BC)
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Springsong - Kristina Jessen
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