Kristina is a Vancouver born singer/songwriter, violinist, community song leader. She finds deep fulfillment in creating space for herself and others to learn, create, express, and expand. Her innate fascination with the ever evolving consciousness of humankind fuels her to continue pushing her own boundaries, cultivating the remembrance of truth, authenticity, and love.

Gifted with a smooth and nurturing vocal tone, Kristina's song touches the heart with a delicate but impactful resonance. Her voice embodies beauty and depth, inviting listeners to embark on an inward journey of inquiry, healing, relaxation and enjoyment.


Kristina's musical journey began at age 7, where she began classical studies in violin. Through the years she has become well versed in a variety of genres and has played in classical groups, folk, country and bluegrass bands over the past 15 years touring across Canada and the United States. 


More recently, Kristina has expanded her repertoire and focused her heart and attention on sacred and traditional music from around the globe. Having travelled extensively, Kristina has developed a passion for language and ancient tradition in the form of song and sound. She sings South American medicine songs, Eastern mantras and chants, and English heartsongs. She also incorporates other sound modalities such as crystal singing bowls, drums, sansula, and other instrumentation. She performs and facilitates at festivals, weddings, conferences, yoga studios, sound healing, meditation, and ceremonial contexts.

Kristina is also a passionate violin, vocal, and guitar teacher. Please see the Lessons page for further information.