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Tender Notes


Bedside singing for those who are ill or approaching their final chapter of life, has been practiced across many cultures and traditions since the beginning of time. We gath


Singing is an ancient tradition and has been used for many purposes in many contexts of daily life since the beginning of time. Tender Notes Song Circle will gather to honour this tradition by singing at life’s thresholds, for our own grief and losses, for others and at the bedsides of those who are seriously ill or dying. 

We will begin by gathering once per month to sing, learn, and connect through gentle guided songs. The intention is that we may grow a collection of songs to sing to ourselves, share at home with loved ones, or for others in the community when they are in a time of transition, need, and tenderness. 

We sing songs from a variety of traditions to comfort, soothe, uplift, and bring peace. There may be opportunities to volunteer and offer these tender notes as support for Hospice Clients. This could look like 2-4 singers gathering to sing when invited into private homes, hospices, care facilities and hospitals. 

If you are curious about tending to yourself and others in this way, we’d love for you to join us. You do NOT have to be a “singer” or have any prior experience to attend this group – ALL are welcome, this group is open to the public.  We will meet the first Wednesdays of each month at Shuswap Hospice Society in Salmon Arm. You can contact Kristina at or Jen Dies for more information and to let us know you will be coming !

First Gathering will be July 5th, 2023 at 2:00pm-3:00pm in the big room at our Hospice Location: 781 Marine Park Drive



Jennifer Dies

Shuswap Hospice Society

Program & Volunteer Coodinator

Suite 4, 781 Marine Park Drive

Salmon Arm, BC   V1E 2W7

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